All About doTERRA's Wellness Programs

Wellness Made Simple!

You want to be in control of your health, but it can be confusing to find the exact right products, pick out the perfect essential oils, and put together the ideal health regimen for you and your family. All that takes enormous amounts of time and energy!

Finding natural solutions should be simple and convenient. And that’s why doTERRA created three different Wellness Programs. The Wellness Programs are a simple, almost effortless way for you to target a specific health goal and get the exact products you need for what you want to achieve.

doTERRA’s experts—doctors, scientists, researchers—created specially designed, subscription box–style health programs for you.

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Meet Kollette Chambers, Wellness Advocate

I am extremely motivated to make a positive impact in the world by helping people create FREEDOM. I believe that many people settle for mediocrity, when they deserve greatness, and it is my honor to help you realize your potential so that you can achieve everything you desire and more.

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Which Program is Right for You?

You can choose from three different programs, depending on what benefits you want to experience:
- Immunity- protect, strengthen, and respond
- Relief- comfort, support, and soothe
- Mind & Mood- balance, restore, and adapt

Get wellness delivered straight to your door with doTERRA’s targeted Wellness Programs. Each month for three months, doTERRA will send you a new collection of products specifically selected for their targeted supportive benefits.

Learn about which products come with each kit and how to get started during All About doTERRA's Wellness Programs.

I Can’t Wait to Share with You on Wednesday, November 25th at 9:00 am MST!