The Inside Scoop on Your Favorite Oils

Are You Getting The Most From Your Oils?

Not only can essential oils be diffused, inhaled, and used topically, some can even be used internally! Adding a few drops to a capsule to enhance your favorite meals, there are so many different ways to benefit from your doTERRA essential oils.

Have you ever considered enhancing your detox with lemon oil? What about easing an upset stomach with ginger oil? When used properly, essential oils hold a wide array of wellness benefits that can come from internal use.

Not only will the addition of essential oils to entrées, drinks, snacks, and baked goods provide a simple way to experience the health benefits of essential oils, it will also add a potent, unique flavor to anything edible.

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The Advantage of Using Essential Oils Internally

While internal use of essential oils is a mystery to some, research has found plenty of safe, beneficial uses for essential oils internally. Yes, aromatic and topical use of essential oils provides a variety of benefits; however, internal use can be equally beneficial when done properly.

Internal essential oil use offers some exclusive benefits for the body that aromatic and topical use simply cannot accomplish. Learn how to safely use essential oils internally during The Inside Scoop on Your Favorite Oils!

Keep in mind that not all essential oils are safe for internal use—some essential oils are never appropriate to use internally. Not to worry, we will discuss these oils, too!

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But is it Safe?

Yes! Researchers continue to confirm the safety of internal use of essential oils, and there is substantial information to help users stay within the safe parameters of internal use.

From easing digestive woes to boosting your energy, there are so many benefits of using essential oils internally. Spice up dinner or add a little zing to your morning smoothie with the tasty oils I’ll share with you during The Inside Scoop on Your Favorite Oils.

Continued research shows that internal use of essential oils is not only safe but that it can provide the body with significant benefits. Sign up now to learn more!

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